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Dishonored 2 SECRET passage to the vault

door to abandoned storage

Hello everybody

Starting out from where we ended in the last video over looking the sea and wooden roof structures below far reach down to the concrete tower and then onto the wooden roof. Travel down until you are over the private garden. Go to the left side and far reach down to the lower level. In front of you will be a wooden door that can be broken and leads to the abandon storage. Break the door and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs there are a few nests that you’ll have to destroy. On the left there’s stairs leading down to a partially flooded level. On the right in one of the storage cells there is some loot. Continuing on to the end of the hall there’s another set of stairs this time the level is under water. Swim down to find a rune on the bench and then duck down and swim to the left under the crates and around to the right up the stairs to another partially flooded level. At the end on the left where there’s a lantern you’ll find a boarded up window, break the boards go through and you’ll be in a secret meeting room that has a back entrance to the vault. Collect the loot and open the vault door.( Note: the Dukes vault key is required to open the safe door, I got the key by pick pocketing the Duke before I choked him out). Inside will be a clock work soldier, wait till it’s behind Delilah’s effigy and go collect Delilah’s spirit. As long as the soldier didn’t see you it’ll self destruct when the cut scene is over. There’s a bunch of loot in the vault so collect it and then you can either go back the way you came or go through the outer vault door, which is on the upper level, like I did.

There’s another clock work soldier outside but you can go through the door just enough to be able to far reach up through to open and get onto the roof. From there I went to the right up onto the domed roof and then onto the concrete tower and down to the right along the rocks to where Megan will pick you up.

Thanks for watching

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