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Dishonored 2 start to Dr Galvani’s lab

Hello everybody

Starting a new game, playing it on very hard and as Emily Caldwell   but I will be using powers. I think to go through the game not using powers is better suited for a second play through. I’m also using the stealth strategy.

To escape from the locked room it was a simple matter of out one window and in the other. Make sure the other guard has left before you go out to render the one, standing just on the other side of the double doors, unconsciousness. If you look to the left as I go through the doors you can see the other guard walking down the stairs.

The second guard I was able to jump down on but I’ve found that it takes the right timing to do it and for me it didn’t always  work the way I wanted.

There is a closet upstairs that I hid the unconscious guards in and it’s also the closet that I hid in while Ramsey walked by on his way to the safe room.

Once I was in Dunwall I was able to make it into Dr. Galvani’s lab unseen by jumping down onto the guard shack roof and walking to the left and up the stairs and through the doors. In order for this to work you have to jump down and start moving as soon as you make it to the top of the wall. The one guard will be walking down to talk to the other two guard down the street while you are making your way to the lab.

Once in the lab there will be one guard there looking at a painting and once again I just went in immediately and put him to sleep. The combo to the safe is behind the painting.

Thanks for watching

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