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Dishonored 2 started to clear the guards around Addermire station

Hello everybody

I wanted to go through Addermire station, although you can just go around, so I put the guards on the roof and down on the street to sleep.

I started with the 3 on the roof which can be reached from the apartment balcony. So once the female guard walked back to the left I used my far reach to travel over to the roof and I had enough time to get behind her and take her out. There are 2 more guards on the roof, one walks around and the other one stays pretty much in one spot. I carefully took them both out and hid all the bodies on the roof.

For the 3 down on the street I used a sleep dart on the on just outside the station wall, he was the first one I took out otherwise if you take any of the other 2 out first someone will see and you’ll be busted. Next I waited till the female walked around and stopped on the corner, she can be taken out and the other guard wont see. Last was the guard in front of the safe store and there’s a little glitch there where the guard gets stuck walking onto the sidewalk , so I far reached up the street and put him to sleep. I hid all the bodies where they are safe from rats and can’t be discovered by the other guards.

Thanks for watching

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