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Dishonored 2 Stilton’s manor conclusion

Elite guard at entrance to the Stilton study

Hello everybody

This is the last video in the Stilton manor. The way I gained access to the study was, after I knocked out the maid that was walking back and forth, to position myself close to the guard at the entrance to the study while being in the present and when the other guards couldn’t see me I switched to the past and as soon as he began to notice me I switched back to the present. This will cause all the guards to start searching and there will come a time when non of them will be around the door so that will give you time to input the combination. That’s was the hardest part for me since I didn’t want to kill any one or knock them out and hide them risking them being found.

Once you enter the study you have to watch the show with the Duke and others and then it’ll finally be time to move on.

Exiting the Manor is pretty straight forward but you still have to be careful you don’t scare the maids and workers.

I managed to do the Stilton manor with zero’s across the board, no kills, no bodies found, and not seen.

Thanks for watching

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