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Dishonored 2 Stilton’s Manor part 1

Armis Stilton

Hello everybody

Before entering the manor I took a look around outside and found some loot in the sea containers as well as on top entrance/ exit. The strategy I took was to only choke out someone if I had to in an effort to keep the bodies found to a minimum.

The manor on the main floor is empty so you can freely explore. To the right you’ll find Armis playing the piano but the way is blocked so you’ll have to go upstairs in order to get into his room.

The second floor has 2 nest keepers who, although not in the same area as you, can see you through the door so you have to be careful. The first room that’s across from the top of the stair case has a rune in it. Coming out of that room and going right will bring you Armis’s bedroom that has a hole in the floor that you can drop down through to get into where Armis is.

As soon as you start to talk to Stilton time freezes and the outsider give you a history lesson and a time piece that allows you to switch between the present and the past. This skill will make it much easier to move around.

To exit you have to stand by the door in the past, switch to the present and walk forward into the door way, once you’re there switch back to the past and you’ll be back out in the main part of the first floor. The time piece when equipped and you press F , that’s what it is on my pc, a fan will rise and unfold that will give you vision into the other realm so you can be in the present and see into the past or vica versa.

Once in the main part with the kitchen on your right I went all the way straight as far as I could go. On the other side of that doorway is the dining hall. When the guard was at the other end of the room I switched to the past and entered the dining hall and then switched back to the present. Up on the second floor there are 3 switches on the wall , one of them is already raised and the other 2 raise the first and third chandlers. When all the chandlers are lined up you can jump across to the third one and then switch to the present and jump up to the attic room where there is a bone charm and some loot. You’ll have to switch back and forth while you’re up there.

Back on the main floor, this is the part where you can hide under the table and steel the key.

Next I went into the vault, the way into the other part is blocked but Emily says to herself that going into the past will open the way. So once in the past there is loot in the safe and the cabinet and also a painting. If you cut the cable holding the statue up it will fall to the ground resulting in the present being changed opening the way. At this point I went back upstairs to the room where the lady is tuning the harp just to get more loot.

Lastly I went back downstairs and through the opening in the vault and after looking around I went all the way to the end where there is a vice on a desk, under the desk is a money pouch so I went under there and switched to the present which gets you into the room with the locked door, once inside I switched back to the past, there is a dead hound with a not telling you to burn it so I did. Then back in the present the blood fly nest is gone and the safe door and combination are visible. Now switch back to the past and open the safe and collect the loot.

Thanks for watching

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