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Dishonored 2 Stilton’s manor part 2

Flooded basement

Hello everybody

As you go through the manor you have to take care around the wolfhounds. If they see you you’ll get a ”seen by enemy” and if a wolfhound see’s another wolfhound asleep or dead you’ll get a ”body found. That’s why I switched to the past to get by their location.

I went into the basement next. The bone charm is on top of the elevator so you’ll have to switch back and forth a couple of times to be able to get it.

The loot in the flooded basement can be retrieved without bothering with the 2 guards. First after they’re finished talking and hiding the silver bar in the basement I waited till they walked away and when they couldn’t see me I threw the valve handle into the basement and switched to the present and jumped over the wall. When I was done with the flooded basement I took the loot that was on the table, I just had to wait till the guards couldn’t see me.

Next I went into the space that’s under the stairs. The switch that’s there is for the alarm that’s on the landing upstairs, so since there was a rewire tool there I rewired it. Switching to the present I was able to travel further to where there is a letter and more loot.

Thanks for watching

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