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Dishonored 2 Stilton’s manor part 5

Elite guard at the entrance to the back courtyard

Hello everybody

Accessing the back courtyard is easier than it looks. In the present all there is in the entrance is a small nest, so all you have to do is destroy the nest and position yourself in the corner and looking into the past to make sure there’s only one guard there and switch to the past with the time piece, turn and enter the courtyard.

Once you’re on the other side of the door go right so the guard at the other end of the hall won’t see you. Now you can switch back to the present and destroy the nests at the entrance and collect the nectar.

The guard at the end can be dealt with in a number of ways. I chose to wait till he got up and started to walk away and while his back was turned I switched to the past and collected the loot. From there I jumped over the railing onto the catwalk. There are 3 wolfhounds roaming around so I wanted to take them out before I took care of Stilton. To do this I waited till the 2 up above were separated and out of site of each other and took them both out. That left one at the bottom of the stairs on the right side. From the right side catwalk I shot the last wolfhound. Now there was nothing that could notice me.

With the 3 wolfhound bodies hidden I positioned myself behind Stilton and watched him, in the present, with the time piece unfolded. There’s a guard that walks by that you don’t have to worry about too much once he reaches where he’s going. The guard that’s up on the middle terrace will see you if he’s looking your way, so when he starts to walk to the stairs on his right I quickly switched to the past and choked Stilton out and as soon as he was out I jumped over the back and down and hid his body . I then returned to Stilton’s painting station to retrieve the combination. Rendering Stilton unconscious changed the present, now there are maids, butlers, and work men so you have to be careful not to be seen by them.

When you return to the manor you have to switch to the past as soon as you get there otherwise the maid that’s walking by will see you and freak out and you will be seen.

Thanks for watching

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