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Dishonored 2 super easy way to choke out Diliahla Copperspoon

Corvo revived

Hello everybody

We’ve come to the last video of Dishonored 2.

Starting in the chapel retrace your steps back to the elevator. Once you call for the elevator you have to find a place to hide because there is a gravehound in the elevator and sometimes a witch will come to investigate the noise from the elevator bell. There are some boxes on the right that make a good place to hide.

When the elevator gets to the main floor and the witch gives up looking you can move to the right and look into the elevator to get the gravehound to come out to where you can kill it and destroy the skull. Now you can take the elevator to the 4th floor (roof).

To enter the throne room you can either shoot the boards blocking the main entrance or go to the left and up through the window. Diliahla will be busy with her painting so jump down and go to the throne and install the corrupt rune that you made in the chapel and then sneak up behind her and use the heart against her. This will make her mortal and she enters the painting. Follow her in and go down and around to the right. You’ll be able to climb all the way to where Diliahla is and simply walk up behind her and render her unconscious. It took me a while before I realized that Diliahla was up there, at first I thought she was down in the center sitting on the throne but all of the Diliahla’s down there are replica’s.

Carry Diliahla back out of the painting and place her on the throne. When she wakes up she’ll think she has won and enters the painting but she gets trapped there. Now all that’s left is to revive Corvo.

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