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Dishonored 2 the Duke’s double

The Duke’s office

Hello everybody

From the balcony you can see the Grand Palace in front of you. Jump down to street level and stay right. There are 2 guards sitting at the bottom of a rail support to your left but the boxes and what not will hide you and they wont see you. Collect the whale oil and continue up the stairs to where the map is. At this point you can reach over to the rails if you bought the disable carriage rails from the black market. Travel over to the palace and onto the roof of the carriage station and then onto the roof of the palace. Travel up to the top where you can look down at the level below, there’s a couple of guards down there but you can still get some loot with your far reach. The first time you grab some loot it will alert the guard leaning on the railing so just step back out of sight. Collect all the loot waiting for your mana to restore between collections.

Time to move on across the roof and onto the concrete divider. On the other side there will be a glass roof on the right with one of the windows open. You can either far reach onto and inside beam or onto the stairs. Go through the door at the top of the stairs and into the Dukes chambers. Once inside the door directly in front will be the bath room where there is some loot. After that it’s back into the main room and up onto the light where you’ll hear the Duke speaking and from what he says you can deduce that he’s the real Duke. Continue waiting until the guard leaves and then jump down and head for the elevator. Call the elevator and wait behind the column, the Duke will be upstairs reminiscing and wont really notice the elevator opening. Go into the elevator and select the 3rd floor, that’s where the Duke’s office is.

On the 3rd floor, from the elevator the door on the right will be the Duke’s office. I used the shadow walk to enter and went behind a book shelf to where the 2 guards couldn’t see me. from there I far reached up onto the book shelf and then onto a ledge on the wall. From there I linked the 2 guards together and shot them with a stinging bolt to get rid of them so I could talk to the double.

Talking to the double will start a cut scene where you tell him that you think he’s the double after which you make a deal with him to take out the real duke and get the medallion he’s carrying so the double can take his place.

After the cut scene you can collect all the loot that’s in there. I missed some stuff and the painting but I got it in the next video.

Thanks for watching

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