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Dishonored 2 The Real Duke arrested

The real Duke being arrested

Hello everybody

Now it’s time to take the real Duke out but first I had to collect the painting and the rest of the loot that I missed.

Head back to the elevator and up to the 4th floor to the Dukes chambers. When the door opens don’t go out right away because there will probably be a guard patrolling. Wait for the guard to leave and go up the stairs far enough to be able to reach up onto the light and if he’s facing the bookshelf you can jump down and render him unconscious, make sure you either pickpocket the Duke or loot his body and grab the key for the vault, you’ll need it to open the safe door . There is some loot up there so collect it and then bring the unconscious Duke down and put him onto the bed. This will start another cut scene where the double will tell you to hide up on the planter where you can watch the spectacle unfold.

With the double now in charge I left through the front door and went left over the wall and down to the left to eventually get to the Grand Throne room. It’s open at the top so I just reached onto a light, don’t go to the second light you’ll set of the alarm, and was able to get the bone charm and all the loot that was by the throne. Now go back the way you came and reach up to the roof of the throne room and travel down to where you can reach over to the next support beam on the left and from there onto the small grassy section with a couple of trees. Go to the edge that faces the palace and jump over and into an open window in the First captains office. The captain will be looking at his desk and wont notice you unless you make a lot of noise. So far reach into the corner where the safe is and open it( 262) and collect the ingots and rune, then you can go behind the captain and pick pocket him. To end I far reached up onto the light over the desk and collected the loot to the left on the bookshelf lower ledge.

Thanks for watching

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