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Dishonored 2 through the blood fly infested building

Hello everybody

Karnaca is divided by a security wall of light. There are at least 2 routes you can take to get to the other side.  As I explored around the neutral zone I met a beggar in the ground floor of  the black market building and after giving him some change he told me that I could get to the other side of the wall of light by going through the fly infested building, and this is the easier route. Upstairs on the way to the black market I was called over by Mindy who had an offer for me and so I did it and what she delivers for you is worth it. The black market had a rune in it so that’s what I bought.

The fly infested building has numerous fly nests but there are enough flammable liquor bottles around to burn up all the nests. Before I started to go through the building I noticed a window to the left and on the second floor, up there is some loot and an other window that you can use to cross over to the 3rd   floor of the black market building  where you’ll find loot, weapons and ammo.

So to get through the building it’s just a matter of using the flammable liquor bottles to burn the nests, if you run out grenades will work also

Thanks for watching

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