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Dishoroned Death of the Outsider rescuing Daud


Hello everybody

This next part is very hard not to get bodies found if you try to take out either the wolf hounds or the 2 eyeless so the answer to the problem is to get the eyeless to take care of the hounds. You can still do it if the hounds take out the 2 eyeless but it’ll be slightly harder because the hounds seem to notice you quicker than the eyeless.

Alright starting from the utility room go out and open the door to the room on the right. Notice the red button next to where Jeanette Lee is leaning. That’s the button that opens the door of the hound cage. Listen to their conversation and wait till Jeanette walks to the cage and then back to the top of the stairs. When she is at the top of the stairs zoom in on the button and shoot it with your voltaic gun. Now hide somewhere, I hid up on the pipes, and see who came out on top. If it’s the eyeless as it was in my case divide and conquer. A smashed bottle was all it took to get the guy to come and investigate and when he was below I dropped down and took him out. Once I found out where Jeanette was I took her out with an electrical burst.

Collect all the loot in the hound cage and the room outside as well as the key from Jeanette. Now you can take the white hound and put it into the boiler and burn it to fulfill the contract. With that done go back downstairs the way you came and make your way to the brute power suppressor control box, open the door and turn it off. This releases Daud resulting in all the eyeless going unconscious. A cut scene plays and after your conversation with Daud you have to return to the ship.

With everyone knocked out you can go and collect the loot from them. For the contract for the Plagued Bull Rat Liquor you have to destroy any bottles that are there and steal the recipe. The bottles could be all upstairs or some in the ring and some on the bar downstairs, where ever you find them destroy them. The recipe is in a drawer upstairs. Since I was upstairs I went out the window and choked out the guard and brought him back inside and hid him there. There are 2 more guards outside, for the elite guard I broke a bottle outside the front entrance and ran back in and jumped up onto the light. When he was below I jumped down and took him out. I didn’t have to bother with the 3rd guard I was able to sneak past and back into the bookmakers apartment.

The combo for the safe is the books on top of the book case and how they are arranged. You know this because it was in the note that you looted from the bookmaker in the Baths.

Open the safe and collect all the loot.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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