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Greedfall A New High King

De Sardet with the ancient crown

Hello everybody.

This quest is started by visiting Constantin after The Sky’s Teeth quest.

As you enter the Governors reception room a cut scene will start with the former Governor talking to Constantin and continues with De Sardet and Constantin catching up on recent events. Then there will be 3 questions to ask after which A New High King quest becomes available.

The first place to go is The Heart’s Gates and talk to Glendan. After your conversation Glendan starts the process of electing a new king and you have to go and convince one of the three to help you enter the sanctuary.

I visited all three just to fulfill all of the objectives. Ullan wants peace and prosperity, Derdre wants to drive all of the colonists off the island and Dunncas wants peace with the colonists and to heal the land and continent. In the end they all tell you that to guarantee their election they’ll need the ancient crown.

The ancient crown is in The Shore Of The Tall Bone and the camp you’ll have to travel to is highlighted for you, Vignamri camp. From the campsite follow the path to the west and as you go over a small hill there will be a dead tree on your left and just past that a path that leads to a small area with 3 beasts. After you take out the beasts look in the cave for the wall that has to be destroyed, it’s kind of hidden so you have to go along the wall until the option to destroy is displayed. On the other side is a skill altar .

As you return to the main path go straight across and up the hill a short distance and you’ll see on your left a broken bridge, if you can jump across it there is a chest with the Scimitar sword. Jump down and you should see a large dead tree in front and to the right, the path is to the left of the tree. As you enter the path there will be a glowing indication on the ground, this is the second of four of the professors notes. At the top of the path there is chest with the third of four of the professors notes.

There is a nadaig guarding the entrance to the crypt and it’s the same as the one that was guarding the Warrior King Armour. He’s got a spear that he swings around, throws , and jabs you with. Try to keep your distance. I used my gun primarily. There’s a chest by the entrance on the right with some loot.

As you enter the High Kings Crypt go around to your left, you’ll go jump down and then up and you should see some beasts where the tunnel opens up. These beast do a lot of damage and if you get cornered you won’t last long. You have to keep moving constantly and try not to get rolled over. Now climb the ledge and the crown location is a short distance ahead. As you enter a cut scene will play but as soon as take the crown Derdre shows up and asks what you are doing. You’ll have to make a decision, either give her the crown or keep it. If you keep it you’ll have to fight Derdre like I did. Before you leave the crypt go up the stairs to the left of where the crown was and climb the ledge. Follow the path until you see the glowing indication at a skeleton, this is the last professors note on the nadaig magamen .

Now backtrack the way you came and exit the crypt. Travel to The Heart’s Gates and give the crown to the one you choose, in my case it was Dunncas. A ceremony will take place and the crown wearer will emerge as the new high King.

With that the quest is completed and you’ll earn 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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