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Greedfall A peculiar Alliance conclusion


Hello everybody.

In this video I go to the meeting place to see what’s going on.

In the last video I arranged a meeting between Ullan, the bridge alliance and Mordun. Siora and Petrus suggest you go to the meeting place to see what’s happening, so this video starts with traveling to Vignamri camp and from there to the meeting place which is marked on your compass. When you get to the meeting place you discover Ullan has set a trap for Mordun and the bridge alliance is trying to kill him. There’s a couple of beasts that are defending Mordun so it’s the bridge alliance soldiers that you want to take out, beginning with the gunner. When the fighting is over Mordun is saved but his men are dead and he’ll have to join another clan.

When you talk to Ullan he admits that he lied about wanting to come to an agreement with Mordun, he wanted to kill him. So in the end you were duped by Ullan to help get rid of Mordun. You’ll earn 1900 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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