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Greedfall A peculiar Alliance part 1

The Governor of Hikmet

Hello everybody

After completing the An Aspiring Merchant Ullan asks you to go and talk to the Governor of Hikmet to offer a peace treaty. The closest you can get when fast traveling is your residence so from there head to the Governor’s palace. After speaking to the Governor he agrees to send his right hand man to negotiate with Ullan, he also gives you a letter of passage to give to the merchant.

To get to the merchants location I first went to my residence and fast traveled to the outpost campsite, from there you have to go back through the outpost and keep going until you get to the last sign post and you can see the travel point and turn left. Follow the path around to the left and you’ll come to a group of natives that are about to rob the merchant. As you arrive a cut scene will play where the merchant asks for your help so you have 3 choices, threaten, charisma or intuition and since I had the green 1 intuition again that’s what I chose. After the natives run away you give the letter of passage to the merchant.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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