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Greedfall A peculiar Alliance part 2

Hikmet Emissary

Hello everybody

After rescuing the merchant in Hikmet travel back to Ullan’s village and inform him that the Hikmet emissary is coming but when you get there he is already there. They want to negotiate in private so you’ll find yourself outside with 2 hours to wait. To pass the time quickly I took a nap at the campsite just outside the village. Now go back and see if they reached an agreement, they’ll tell you that the Hikmet merchants would be at risk of being attack by the neighboring clan and they want you to convince Mordun the chief to let the merchants pass through his territory. Now you have to try and arrange a meeting between Ullan and Mordun.

When you get to Mordun’s abode he will not be very receptive and when you ask him to meet Ullan and the Governors’s emissary he says they can’t be trusted and they’re only trying to trap him. I had 3 options and since my charisma was at 100% that’s what I went with. The chief agrees to meet but not at Ullan’s village, he says he’ll meet them at Lanrhistel.

Now travel back to Ullan and tell them of the meeting, after they leave for the meeting Siora will tell you that she doesn’t trust Ullan and you should go and see what happens at this meeting. As I was leaving I noticed that I had to wait for 6 hours so I ended the video there.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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