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Hello everybody

This side quest is available a soon as you arrive in New Serene but when I tried to do it I was somewhere between level 4 and 9 and without the ability to roll died immediately, so I put it off until I was at a higher level. Doing it a level 34 you’d think I’d have no problem and in the video that’s the case, however when I was going through the quest before making the video I was killed once because I didn’t take out the gunner first. My character is on the tanky side and the stats are as follows: Chest Old Brown Brigandine 168 armor and 94 balance, Boots Inquisition Officers Cuisses 62 armor and 55 balance. For attribute My Endurance is at 5 , Strength is at 4 and Agility is at 2. For Talents my vigor is at 2 and my chest armor is +1 vigor so that put it at 3. When the gunner is allowed to keep operating you will be killed, it only took 2 or 3 shots and I was dead!

Alright now that I got that out of the way the quest, first you talk to the merchant who is set up right across from the black smith, next you’ll have to talk to Manfred in the barracks and then get a patent from the Governors palace. With the patent go back to the merchant, he’ll tell you that his cousin was arrested, go back to Manfred and he’ll tell you that the he is in jail but when you get there you’ll find out that he was sent to the arena to fight. His merchandise is in the cell behind you so grab it and head for the arena.

Now the part where you have to fight along side the native. When the fighting starts, you guessed it, take out the gunner first. In the video it didn’t look like he had a gun but you can’t trust their appearance. As I was trying to focus on the gunner I took a couple of hits from the beasts which destroyed my armor but I only had to take 1 heal and I did it just to be safe to take out the 2 beasts.

After you defeat the bandit and beasts the native will wake up so go back to the merchant, he’ll be super happy and tell you that you should go and talk to his chief. The quest is finished by traveling to the village of Vignamri and talking to Ullan. You’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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