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Greedfall Aphra companion quest The Linking Ritual


Hello everybody

As you enter the ceremonial circle a cut scene will start and you’ll be met by Dunncas and after Aphra expresses her desire to learn he’ll allow you to stay. Now you have to talk to 3 of the natives one of which is Dunncas and he feels apprehensive and mentions Aphra’s brothers hiding in the shadows waiting to attack. It’s time now to witness the ritual and you have to go to the entrance to wait. When the ritual is complete Dunncas will announce that we are under attack.

This is a big group of soldiers and they are pretty fast so I always look for the gunner and try them out first. With the gunner out of action you can now focus on staying ahead of the group so they don’t overwhelm you. There is lots of room to evade their attacks and I used a combination of traps, gun, and fury attacks. If you take out the gunner first you’ll stand a much better chance.

When the fighting is over Aphra and Petrus will regain consciousness and the final cut scene will play and in the end you’ll earn 1600 xp

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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