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Greedfall At The Heart Of The Rebellion

Doneia Egsregaw Warlord

Hello everybody.

To start this quest go talk to Captain Reinhild. You’ll ask her where the other rebels are, she’ll tell you she doesn’t know where they are but she’s interrupted by an outpost patrolman with news that a patrol sent to the west has not returned. You offer to help search, the Corporal will lead the search and goes to the entrance of the camp to wait for you.

Meet the Corporal and start the search. As he leads the way you have to stay very close otherwise you get a message that you have left the area and lost the people you were escorting. He’ll lead you past 2 groups of beasts so as long as you stay close to him you’ll be ok. Eventually you’ll find the patrol but they are all dead. The Corporal notices that 2 soldiers are missing. Keep following the path around to the left, you don’t have to follow the Corporal anymore, and you’ll hear a soldier calling for help. Take the path on the right and you’ll find the soldier on the other side of the big rock. He’s in no condition to travel so you give him a health potion. The soldier tells you that they came across a group of rebels. They killed everybody but he and another soldier escaped but the other soldier Franz was caught and taken to the rebel camp.

Now you have to find the rebels so backtrack the way you came and follow you compass. You’ll see a river on your left and a bridge up ahead, that’s where the travel point is. Travel to The Ancient Woods, Rocky Bluff Camp. From the campsite you can go either way, follow the path down and around to the right or jump down and follow the path around to the left and you’ll find a group of rebels and poor Franz you seems to be deceased. A cut scene will play as you enter the camp where you tell the native you want to talk to the chief about the abductions and to understand what’s going on. The native doesn’t trust you and thinks you’re only asking in order to find the location of their camp. In order to convince him you can use your charisma or if Siora is in your party she will convince him. Now you have to talk to him again and he’ll lead the way to the camp.

Just outside of the camp is the final campsite to be setup and to the west of the campsite is the village. Follow the path around to the right, the big abode of the leader will be ahead. When you enter the abode and approach the leader a cut scene will start where the introductions are made and the leader tells you the history of the abductions, but your meeting is interrupted when the Bridge Alliance attacks. You’ll have to decide whether to fight with the natives or the Bridge Alliance. I chose to fight along side the natives. There are 2 separate groups outside, once they are taken care of you’ll appear inside the abode again and the cut scene will finish. As soon as you are done talking to the leader you should see a glowing indication to your right. It turns out to be a Bridge Alliance citizen’s corpse with a letter describing where a chest is hidden and where the key is. As you leave the abode follow the path on your right all the way down and on your left is the healing cave. There is some loot in the cave and a pile of hay next to a red pillar, that’s where the key is. Exit the cave and follow the path on your left up and then turn right and exit the village. As soon as you exit the village you should see some flying beast and when you get closer you’ll see the water fall. Take out the beasts and then follow the shore around to the left and the chest will be behind a big rock at the base of a tree. Inside is the Cardinal’s Ceremonial Armour set. Now go back to the campsite and travel to Hikmet. When you get to the palace a cut scene will play where you confront the Governor who will deny any knowledge of what happened but he admits to being aware of a laboratory where research for a cure to the malichor is done. So you tell the Governor that you are going to pay the place a visit. You’ll earn 1600 xp and the Doctor Asili’s Experiments quest becomes available.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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