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Greedfall Attack on Hikmet

Governor Burhan

Hello everybody.

To start this quest you have to visit Constantin. When you get there the emissaries of The Bridge Alliance and Theleme are talking to Constantin and asking for help to defend their cities . When this cut scene is finished the Attack on San Matheus and The Attack on Hikmet become available.

Now you can have a conversation with Costantin about what happened in the sanctuary. When you are finished relating all the details of your visit to the sanctuary Constantin will ask you if he said anything else.

If you say nothing regarding the warning about him you tell him that your meeting was interrupted by and intruder and Constantin will say that the sanctuary isn’t that heavily protected. In the end I don’t know if it makes any difference if you tell him or not.

I chose to reveal everything so he would know that En On Mil Fritchimen was onto him. He’ll deny everything and tells you to forget about it. When you are done talking to Constantin the quest A cure For Malichor is completed.

There are 2 quest lines that you can do. I started with The Attack on Hikmet because there are more quests to do and this will give you time to get ready to do The Attack on San Matheus which is much shorter but the fighting is more difficult especially the mountain guardian at the end.

On to Hikmet. Once you are at your residence if you have Petrus on your team you’ll have to switch him for someone else because he is not allowed to enter the palace. Now you’ll have a long conversation with Governor Burhan, he’ll ask you to find a group of trackers that followed the trail of the creatures that are attacking the city but have not been heard from. He also wants you to lead an inquiry into the disappearance of some natives and that opens another quest ,At The Heart Of The Rebellion.

Travel to the outpost camp. When you try to enter the outpost you’ll be met by a group of beasts. You’ll have to keep moving and try to stay out of their way because these beasts are a lot faster than the normal ones. With so many of them and their constant rolling it’s pretty hard not to get hit. With the beasts taken care of go talk to Captain Reinhild. When you ask which way the tracker went she won’t tell you anything until you help her. You could use charisma, mine was 75% and it worked, but if you want to do the side quest you’ll have to ask about the lost cargo. In the video I didn’t use charisma and asked what she needed and it’s the lost cargo side quest.

To do the lost cargo side quest exit the camp through the south gate and talk to the 2 soldiers who are standing behind the wagon where the caravan leader is stationed. Continue south along the path away from the outpost. Just before the travel point on the right is a path where a soldier notices caravan tracks. A little further on the path is spot to be examined. The caravan is at the end of the path, there are also 3 beasts to defeat. These beast are not as hard as the ones at the entrance to the outpost but you still have to be careful. If you get into trouble there is a path across from the caravan you can go down to get away from the beasts. I used my gun quite a bit. The caravan is broken so you have to fix it.Once the repair is complete you’ll appear in front of Captain Reinhild. She’ll now tell you where the scouts went and you’ll receive a reward in your chest, in my case it was an Elegant pistol.

To find the scouts travel to The Vale Of The Great Battle and the Didgidensen camp. The scouts will be just to the west of the campsite. When you ask the scout if they are the ones sent by the Governor she gives you an impudent answer. They’ve located the rebel camp and think they are responsible for the attacks. You tell them that you know the leader of the camp and that you’ll take care of it.

Take the path to the east and run down until you see a group of beasts turn to the west and run to the camp which is on the right. Enter the camp and go to Daren’s abode. As you enter a cut scene will start where you tell Daren about the attacks. It turns out that they are being attacked as well and you decide to work together to try and find out what or who is behind t he attacks. The cut scene ends when an elite warrior sounds the alarm that the guardian is attack their own. You’ll appear outside of the camp and you’ll have to defeat all of the beasts, in the first group there are at least 7 and there are 2 Lewolans that are the hardest to take out. There is a lot of room to move around so you can get away to replenish your health. Guns and magic bombs seem to work well. With these beasts defeated move down and help Daren with another group of beasts. This group has a Lewoig that oozes poison so keep your distance.

Now the guardian, corrupted nadaig glendemen. I used my gun the most and whenever I had fury I’d hit him with a fury strike. Try to dodge the electric shots and stay away from it’s tentacles. If you have magic healing that heals your companions that will help a lot.

With the guardian defeated travel back to Hikmet and speak with the Governor. This will complete the quest and you earn 2000 xp as well as 150 coin.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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