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Greedfall Attacks on Caravans part 2

Attack site ahead

Hello everybody

In this video I investigate the attack site and start to look for the rebel camp.

From the campsite I back tracked going around the red skull beast and investigated the attack site. There are 3 items to inspect and after that you have to go to the rebel campsite which is back past your campsite. Just past your campsite is an area with 4 beasts and a deceased merchant. I don’t think sneaking past these beasts is an option so I took them out. There’s a letter on the merchant body. Climb the ledge to the next area. There are 2 red skull beasts, at least they were for me at level 6, so sneak past them and climb the ledge up to the next area. There was a beast pretty close to the ledge and it started to alert but I just made it.

There’s nothing on the next area and the ladder leads up to an area with 4 rebels. I took them out and continued to the rebel campsite. In the next area there are a group of Dosantats and these things are difficult to take out so I chose to sneak around them. There’s a cut out in the mountain that leads to the other side. That’s where I ended this video.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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