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Greedfall Blood Price

Mine owner Mr. Maillard

Hello everybody.

In this video I investigate the mine and confront Mr. Maillard and his men.

This quest takes place back in the Tall Trees. The mine is through the gates at the lumber camp. Follow the path and the question mark on your compass and you’ll end up at the Abandoned Mine camp site. When you try to enter the mine the guards will not allow you to enter but they will tell you who their boss is. There’s a path to the right of the entrance that brings you up to where you can see the mine below, which is being operated by slave labor. Now you have to go and talk to Sir de Courcillon to learn the details of the deed to the property. The closest you can get is the residence so run up to his office, he’ll say he knows Mr. Maillard and that he’s unscrupulous and to go to the archives to and get the deed to the property. The deed has Lady Morange’s seal on it so that’s where you need to go next. Lady Morange confirms that mining on the property is forbidden. You’ll find Mr. Maillard on the docks, there is a wall that you can climb over right across from the merchant that you helped in another side quest. He’ll be just to the left once you’re on the other side. When you tell him that he has no right to operate the mine he’ll just try to bribe you and then dismiss you as he gets back to business. Now it’s back to Sir de Courcillon one more time, this time he’ll give you an eviction notice and tell you that Mr. Maillard has been banned from the island. So now you have to go serve him with the notice. From the residence travel to the Abandoned Mine camp site. This time when you tell them you have an eviction notice for the owner the guards will tell you they are only following orders and let you in. Mr. Maillard will be just up the hill and he’ll have 4 guards with him. When you tell him he has lost his property and is banished from the island he’ll say he was threatened and the fight begins. When there are multiple enemies I always look for the gunner or in this case gunners and take them out first. With the gunners out of action you’ll have a much better chance to defeat the rest.

Now all that’s left is to free the natives and travel back to Dunncas and tell him that the mine is no longer in operation and that the owner has been banished. You’ll earn 1900 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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