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Greedfall Breaking The Links

first link broken

Hello everybody.

To get this quest started travel to the Village of Vigyigidaw and talk to Dunncas, he’ll give you some seeds that you have to plant at the bottom of Constantin’s bonding stones that will stop him from drawing the strength of Tir Fradi. Dunncas also gives you his peacemaker mace and he agrees to help you defeat Constantin so that leaves 4 group to forge alliances with later.

The first bonding site is in The Ancient Woods so travel to the Credgwen camp. The bonding stone is west of the campsite and is guarded by a Nadaig Frasamen. Siora was knocked out almost right away so during the battle I used magic healing quite a bit to keep Petrus in the fight. At the begging of the fight I changed my pistol but it would’ve been better to keep the four barrelled pistol because of it’s fury generation, during the fight I only reached max fury once. This Nadaig’s attacks are pretty easy to avoid except when it charges forward, I got caught by that once. Primarily I used my pistol with a few fury strikes. After the Nadaig is defeated plant the seeds at the bottom of the stone.

The second location is in Vedvilvie so travel to the swamp sanctuary. The bonding stone is north of the campsite. Along with the Nadaig there is 2 tenlans. Try to take out the Tenlans first and then the Nadaig Vedemen. This time Petrus didn’t last. This Nadaig is one of the easier one’s to fight, it doesn’t move very fast so once again I used the pistol a lot along with fury strikes. When you plant the seeds the quest is completed. You’ll earn 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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