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Greedfall Camp of the Ordo Luminis part 2

Fighting my way into the camp

Hello everybody

In this video I meet up with the troops and attack the camp.

The wooden fence that was blocking the way into the camp from the secluded glade campsite is now partially broken allowing access to the rear of the camp. There are 3 guards standing in the yard as you enter the camp, luckily with their backs facing you. I took them out with a stealth attack, easy.

In the next area of the camp there are 4 guards and depending where they are stationed you should be able to stealth attack at least 2 of the 4. Where they were when I made the video I was able to take 3 of the 4 out by stealth. The one that was left standing by the door had a magic attack which does quite a bit of damage, with one strike and a magic attack my health went to below half.

Inside the back door is another group of 3 guards and in this confined space it’s difficult to avoid taking damage, that’s why I took a fury potion before entering. The key is on a box and a document on the table. Unlock the cell and head upstairs.

In the room upstairs is another group of 3, I was able to take out one of them by stealth which left only 2 to deal with but it took a lot to take them out, one of them had a magic attack and the other had magic healing. Using the gun made the difference. In the back room is anther document.

The room on the second floor has 2 guards and when I entered there was one kneeling at the alter just inside the door. I stealth attacked him twice but I still had to fight him to take him out. The other one wasn’t to hard with the 3 of us fighting him.

Go back downstairs and out the double doors and down the stairs to your left. There’s only a couple of guards left but with the 3 of us and the troops fighting they didn’t last long.

All that’s left now is to collect the loot, talk to the Red- Sun officer, The mother Cardinal and finish by letting Derdre know that you taken care of the inquisitors and freed the natives. Your reputation with the natives will go to +4 and you’ll earn 1900xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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