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Greedfall Coin Guard Merchandise

The Merchant

Hello everybody

In this video I go and confront the merchant and take back the shipment.

The merchant is to the right of where the charlatan had his stall. When you talk to the merchant you have a few options. I threatened him and fought him and his men to get the shipment back. You could offer him a bribe and that will get you out of fighting. After you secure the shipment you have to tell the quarter master, he’ll want the shipment loaded right away but when you talk to the captain he tells you it’s too late but he’ll write it into the manifest so you’ll have to get the shipment from the merchant and bring it to the warehouse. When you go back for the shipment you’ll find 2 guards waiting to bring the shipment to the warehouse. If you didn’t use a disguise during the heretic quest there will be 2 guards at the entrance of the warehouse and you’ll have to get them to leave. There is an objective to prepare or buy a sleeping potion but because I used a disguise they were already gone so all that was left was to tell the quarter master that the shipment was loaded.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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