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Greedfall companion quest with Aphra Cave of Knowledge

Yewan and Moira

Hello everybody.

In this video I visit the cave of knowledge with Aphra.

In order to find out where the cave of knowledge is you have to go to the village of Vigyigidaw and talk to Yewan and Moira, they reluctantly tell you where the cave is. I left the village and turned left to get to the travel point and traveled to The Hearts Gate and the Dorgred south road campsite. From the campsite you go the same way as you went to the place of ceremony but turn left this time and to your left will be a campsite,100 xp. Keep going on the trail staying to the left, you’ll eventually arrive at the top of a hill where you can see a tent at the bottom and to the left. As you approach the tent you’ll see 4 bandits talking, when you get close enough they’ll ask what you are doing there. The bandits think they have found a treasure and tell you to get lost. When you find out more you learn that they ” convinced ” a native to tell them that there is a holy cave near by and they plan to use explosives to gain entry. They also say that the native only had some seeds on him. After they tell their story they tell you to leave again. Now you have 3 choices, bribe, charisma or attack. This time I took a chance on charisma and it worked. After the bandits leave search the body of the native to get the seeds of the door of knowledge. Continue down the trail until you reach a ledge and climb up. A cut scene will play and after you examine the stone you have to put the seeds in it and the door will open. Enter the cave and go to the end where the cave opens up and examine the 2 paintings on the wall. At the end of the cave is another ledge so jump up go to the left until you get to the 3rd lookout spot, as you get there a cut scene will play , when it’s finished exit the cave. As you leave the lookout go to the left, you can either go down to the left and out the way you came or up to the right and break the rocks and go out that way. When you reach the meeting point another cut scene will play and Aphra still isn’t satisfied and wants to witness the bonding ritual. You’ll earn 1300 xp for this part of the quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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