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Greedfall companion quest with Aphra islander knowledge


Hello everybody

In this video I start the companion quest series with Aphra.

The location of this quest is The Hearts Gates and the Dorgred, South Road campsite. From the campsite it’s slightly to the left and down the hill. As you get to the bottom of the first hill you’ll see the place where the ceremony takes place and to your left are 2 beasts that will kill you in a hurry so it’s best to leave them alone and deal with them another time. When you get to Cergganaw the 2 natives are being attacked by 3 beasts and you have to go in there and defeat the beasts. I tried to keep my distance and I used mainly my gun to defeat the beasts. After you defeat the last beast a long cut scene will play. Morian was poisoned by the beasts and is in danger of dying but Aphra knows of a potion and De Sardet has a vial to make it in. You offer it to Morian and save her life. Aphra is asking question about their rituals and the native suggest talking to Dunncas the village doneigad so the cut scene continues in village. The cut scene ends with Dunncas not willing to tell you any secrets so now you have talk to Yewan and Moira who invite you to continue learning as you stay in the village that night. When the night is over and De Sardet is thanking them for their hospitality and says good night Aphra says she wants to follow the elders instead of going to sleep. So as you follow the elders you’ll come to a ledge overlooking the natives and 3 beasts. Jump down and stay right and you should be able to sneak by them. The trail leads to a cave and if you stay to the right and walk to the end you’ll find a chest with the Warrior King pants and gloves. At some point Dunncas will notice you and tell you to come down and ask you what you want. When Aphra explains that she needed more answers Dunncas will tell her to take a seat and be quiet but after listening to their conversation she still wants to know more.

That’s it for this part of the quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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  1. Sin Shadow Fox February 2, 2022

    If you want to avoid any and all reputation loss for this quest then make sure that Siora is not in your party and when Aphra suggests tailing the elders to duncass’ location immediately reveal yourself to them (get caught). You’ll be able to complete Aphras quest successfully without losing reputation with the natives

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