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Greedfall Constantin’s Hideout

Constantin’s Hideout

Hello everybody.

Starting in New Serene exit through the eastern gate and keep heading east till you see the travel point then take the path on your right. There are 3 guards and although you can’t sneak by them you could use a stasis bomb to immobilize the first 2 guards while you deal with the gunner at the back. I didn’t have too much trouble taking them out but it only takes 2 or 3 hits and your dead.

Inside the cave there is 1 tenlan and 2 lewolans guarding the entrance to the hideout. I was able to sneak down to the cage against the wall and get a sneak attack on the Tenlan which helped take it out. That left the 2 lewolans to deal with and with these beasts it’s best to use ranged weapons to take them out. In the hideout is Constantin’s journal and a map.

That’s it for this video

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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