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Greedfall Contraband quest

Captain Ludwig

Hello everybody.

This is one of the side quest that are available after the treason quest is completed.

To get the quest started go and talk to Manfred in the coin guard barracks. He’ll tell you of supply problems and suspicious seizures by the customs office and suspects that the goods seized are being used to supply the contraband.

Next go to the tavern and talk to the manager, he’ll give you the details of the goods seized and that he was notified by customs that his goods were stolen.

The customs officer Alric is next and you’ll find him down by the docks. During your conversation you learn that after some supplies were stolen Alric put all the important things in a chest but has lost the key. The key is behind you and to the right at the end of the dock and the chest is back to the right of Alric. In the chest you find a letter from Egon and when you confront Alric with it he admits that he is being blackmailed and it just so happens that he has a meeting with Egon that night and wants you to go with him. He says to meet him in the evening at the North Gate so I didn’t have to take a nap I just went there right away. When you meet him he’ll tell you that the meeting is next to the quarry and you are the fist to arrive so go and hide behind the shack in the quarry. Once you’re in position a cut scene will play, when it’s over you’ll have to go into the quarry and save Officer Alric. After you defeat the 2 men Egon left to kill Alric, he’ll tell you that all of the alcohol is being sent to Hikmet so pick a travel point and travel to your residence.

The warehouse is just outside the city and to the left. You’ll be met by a guard and your only choices are force your way in or don’t insist. So you have to force your way in. In the first group there are 5 guards and they do quite a bit of damage so keep your distance.

The group that’s with Captain Ludwig, there’s 5 in total, also do a lot of damage and Ludwig also has a gun so make sure you don’t get shot too many times. With Ludwig defeated travel back to New Serene and go talk to Manfred. The quest ends with you earning 1600xp and a whopping 50 coins. The video keeps going with Manfred asking you to look into a matter for Admiral Cabral which you automatically follow so you could do it right away or do it later, which is what I’m doing.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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  1. Joseph Brandeberry January 14, 2021

    I can’t access this sidequest.

    • ebegezer January 14, 2021 — Post Author

      I suspect it has something to do with Kurt. I did all of the companion quests with Kurt so when the Treason quest started Kurt sided with Constantin. Have you completed the Treason quest.? This side quest only becomes available after the Treason quest.

    • ebegezer January 19, 2021 — Post Author

      Just wondering, did you get it figured out?

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