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Greedfall Demoniacal cult part 1

Queen Derdre

Hello everybody

In this video I get the quest started

The first person to talk to is the Queen herself, after a few questions she’ll refuse to answer any more. Next is Valan the wise man of the village and when you try to ask him questions he basically tells you to answer your own questions. There are natives meditating by the big tree but they don’t want to be bothered. There is a villager standing by herself and when you try to ask her questions she agrees only if you play a game with her, in the end you learn a little about their culture and she gives a clue about talking to the woman who makes light. The next villager lives on the hill and when you ask him questions about their rituals he seems nervous.

Now you have to talk to sister Ephesia about all the information that you obtained. When you talk with her she tells you that she hasn’t had much success in talking to the natives and that she’s afraid of them, she also tells you that she tried to follow the nervous man but he always eluded her.

Now you have to go back to the nervous man’s hut and after distracting him enter the hut and search it. Inside are 3 clues, a battle mask, an alter and a painting of war and of a massacre. After collecting all the loot Petrus thinks we should go tell sister Ephesia what we found. Sister Ephesia suggests we try to follow the nervous man to see where he goes.

That’s where I ended

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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