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Greedfall Demoniacal cult part 2

It’s one of those moments again

Hello everybody

In this video I follow the nervous man, enter the cave and witness the ritual.

As this part of the quest starts you’ll be directed to wait by one of the exits for the nervous man to leave. Although Petrus wakes you up it’s one of the shortest sleeps known to man. As you follow the man he’ll go for a bit and then stop so you can’t get too close. The area that’s just beyond the ledge that you have to climb up has a group of Dosantats that are tricky to take out. I used an armor ointment and a fury potion before engaging them and I still had to keep my distance and use the magic healing. I took out 6 in total and could have easily been killed.

The next area is the Strange Sanctuary and your compass tells you to find a way into the cave. As you get to the big tree a cut scene will play. De Sardet experiences a vision and as he tells it to Siora and petrus pay attention to the sequence of events, they are the key to open the passage way. The sanctuary is lined with several stones with candles to be lit, so the order of lighting is as follows: storm, lightning, fire, death, water, and life. This will open the entrance to the cave. As you enter the cave you’ll see the ritual in progress down to your left and when you reach the end of the trail another cut scene will play. After seeing the ritual go back to Derdre, she explains the ritual and directs you to a sanctuary in the swamp after De Sardet asks if he could communicate with with the spirits.

That’s it for this video

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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