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Greedfall Dirty Traffic side quest

Lieutenant Ermelinde

Hello everybody.

This quest is about a Naut ship that was commandeered by the coin guard in San Matheus. You first learn of this ship at the end of the Contraband quest when Manfred tells you that the Admiral sent him a furiously worded letter.

To start the quest talk to the Admiral, she tells you that all transport of coin guard personnel has been stopped. Now travel to San Matheus and talk to quartermaster Herbert. He tells you that 3 Lieutenants have been leading the troops so go upstairs and question them, all 3 of them tell you that they don’t know anything about the ship. When you leave the last Lieutenant Sergeant Franz will stop you in the hall and tells you he wants to help you and to meet him by the church that night. When you meet him at the church you’ll ask him a series of questions and learn that there are a group of natives being held at an old logging facility on the outskirts of town and they are in danger of being of being killed so there will be no evidence of the trafficking operation. When you get the camp, which is to the right and up the hill as you leave town, there will only be 2 guards, but after you release the natives Ermelinde will show up with 2 separate groups totaling around 8 to 10.

So before you go to the logging facility travel to the Village of Vedleug and ask Derdre for help and she’ll send some warriors. You’ll actually end up with natives from 3 different clans so you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating Ermelinde and her troops.

After the battle go and see Herbert again, he is sending Lieutenant Alexander to escort Franz and Ermelinde to New Serene so all that’s left is to go to New Serene and warn Manfred about who is coming but when you ask about Franz he doesn’t know anything about him.

You’ll earn 1900 xp and you will automatically follow the Egon’s face quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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