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Greedfall Dr Asili’s Experiments

The Laboratory

Hello everybody.

In this video I investigate what’s happening in the laboratory. The lab is just up the street from your residence on the left. There will be 2 guards at the entrance so you can’t enter through the main entrance. To the right of the entrance there is a spot where you can climb up onto the scaffolding. Go across and down the ladder to the inside of the lab property.

Once you’re inside the lab you’ll be directed to take the path to the right. There are several groups of guards as well as 3 groups of prisoners. You have to talk to one of the groups before you get the objective to go find Dr. Asili. I followed the wooden walkway down and through the first door on the right and then through the door on the left and talked the this group, they are pretty much unguarded. After speaking with them you can now go up to the lab building. Back track the way you came and once you get to the top follow the wooden walkway up to the left. Take out the 2 guards at the door and enter the lab. Just inside there will be a group of guards , about 6 ,waiting. When they are taken care of enter the door that’s to the right of the door that you entered through. Inside there will be a scientist who say’s she was only following orders and that they were being blackmailed into continuing to work there. You have 2 choices, stop them or let them leave, I let them leave because she will testify against Dr. Asili later in the next quest. Before you leave this room go around to the left and you’ll find the key to the doctors office.

Now before you go upstairs go into the room that’s on the left at the bottom of the stairs. There’s the key to the experimentation room and the 3 keys to the prisoner cells. When you get upstairs there’s a document on a counter around to the right detailing the experiments that you can use as evidence against the doctor later. Now enter the doctors office and confront him. You need only ask him one question to know that he needs to be arrested. The doctor will not comply and you’ll have to fight him and his 2 guards. You now have a choice to either kill him or stop him. I stopped him so he can stand trial for his crimes. In the corner there is a chest with a vial of dark powder and a letter to the doctor from another doctor in which it is revealed that Constantin and De Sardet were poisoned by Dr. Asili when they first arrived on the island. In the other corner is a chest with a new cog that you can use later.

Now return to the cells. There are 4 guards around the shack at the top of the path. In the shack is another key and a note that the mechanism that leads to the tunnels is broken, that’s what the cog is for.

The first group of prisoners I set free was the group I talked to when I first entered the cells . After that I went across the path, climbed over the wall and released the prisoners that were on the left as I came down the wooden walkway. As I left there appeared another group of 6 or so guards. Now there should only be one more group of guards and one group of prisoners. Continue through the tunnel in a northerly direction, turn left and you’ll find the last group of guards. Follow the tunnel to the end and enter the door that has a chain strung across from the top to the wall. This is the last group to be set free. Now backtrack the way you came in and out of the cell area. At the top of the path turn right and follow that path down to where the gate is. Take out the 3 guards and you can either repair the cog which requires craftsmanship 2 or use the new cog that you found in the doctors office.

With the gate fixed all of the prisoners will appear as you enter the tunnel and all that’s left is to go before them and take out all of the beasts. The first group is 6 Dosantats. I was able to sneak behind and take one out by stealth so the rest weren’t to difficult to finish off.

The next group is more Dosantats and if you shoot them first they’ll fall to the ground and then you can finish them off with you melee weapon.

The last group is a mix of Tenlans and Yorglans and the area is a little confined. You can retreat down the path but not too far or the beasts will reset to full health and armour. I used my gun mainly to take them out.

That’s it now just continue further, exit the tunnel and go tell the Governor what you discovered at the lab. You’ll earn 1900 XP and a new turban awaits in your chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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