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Captain Ulric

Hello everybody.

This quest started at the end of Dirty Traffic when Manfred tells you that Lieutenant Alexander has made many arrests and to go find him and Captain Ulric upstairs.

So at the top of the stairs go through the double doors to your right. A cut scene will begin as you enter where Lieutenant Alexander thanks you for your help but they can bring the investigation to an end without you. After Lieutenant Alexander is dismissed Captain Ulric tells you that the information gained through the interrogation doesn’t line up with all the arrests and that he doubts Lieutenant Alexander’s sincerity so he needs your help to investigate the secret camp that was past of Ermelinde’s confession.

You’ll automatically travel to The Singing Waters and the camp ( old ghost camp) is the same one that was in one of Kurts companion quest, so go down the little hill and take the path on the right. The doors to the camp barracks will be locked and it looks like nobody is there but there is a group of Egon’s men to your right who do a lot of damage so care must be taken or you will die.

The gates are open for you to go around to the back of the camp. The guard just on the other side of the double doors can be taken out with a stealth strike. Inside there will be a total of 5 guards that you’ll have to fight, there are also incriminating documents so search all the rooms. Upstairs you’ll find Lieutenant Klaus but he’s not talking, there are more documents in this room so collect them and head back outside. You’ll have to defeat the rest of the guards which number about 7.

Now travel back to New Serene. Leave the camp and go back to where you first appeared on the road but keep going until you see a path through the rocks on your right, this will be the campfire of the white gorges so travel back to the residence. When you talk to Manfred you learn that Captain Ulric had been arrested on a false charge of being Egon. Now you’ll have to go arrest the real Egon. Lieutenant Alexander will be outside at the back of the barracks and he’ll have about 6 others with him. The guy that was arrested in San Matheus, Captain Ludwig uses a gun and I was almost out of health so I had to use my gun to defeat him and as it turned out he was the last guard that had to be taken out. Once Alexander is locked up you’ll have a meeting in Sieglinde’s office.

You’ll earn 2200 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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