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Greedfall Face To Face With A God

En on mil frichtimen

Hello everybody.

To start this quest talk to the new high king. He’ll tell you that he has to meet with En on mil frichtimen first and to come back in two days. You have a choice to go somewhere to take care of other missions or to wait and go directly there.

After two days the new high king will open the door to the sanctuary for you. Now it’s just a matter of running up to the top. When you get to the top a cut scene will play and is ended when En on mil frichtimen detects an intruder has followed you into the sanctuary at which point he tells you flee. Before you can leave a beast will appear in front of you. This beast is kind of a preview of what you’ll face when you have to fight the final boss. The way down is a lot shorter and when you get to the bottom you’ll talk to Dunncas and the quest will come to an end. You’ll earn 2000 xp

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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