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Greedfall Fifth Arena Challenge

Me about to die

Hello everybody.

I did this video to show just how fragile your character is when it comes to the arena and you are doing the second of the three challenges.

At the time I did this challenge I was at level 40, almost 41. My endurance is maxed, my strength was 4 out of 5, my agility was 4 out of 5 so I should be able to take some damage. I did the challenge on easy, which is so easy that Petrus and Siora took them all out as I ran around. The guards chase you but not very fast and it’s easy to keep your distance. I let myself get hit with a 2 handed heavy weapon and I got hit 8 times by the time Petrus and Siora finished and it barely put a dent in my armour.

On the normal difficulty Petrus and Siora can only take out 2 of them, if that, and it took 4 strikes to kill me. With 4 of them chasing me I didn’t have much trouble keeping my distance but I did have to roll sometimes to get away. I blocked their strikes until my fury built up and then countered them. This didn’t always work because another guard would land a strike so you have to be careful but you should be able to do it every time.

Normal is harder than easy but not by that much.

Now we come to the hard difficulty. Siora and Petrus die within seconds and that leaves you to fight all 6. As far as damage goes it depends who is hitting you, if it’s one of the guards with a one handed sword it took 4 strikes to kill me. If it’s a guard with a 2 handed heavy weapon your dead in 3 strikes.

I noticed that my armour was resistant to magic so I modified a coin guard armour so it had the same specs except it had resistance to elemental damage 5% and vigor +1 and there was very little difference if any as far as being able to take damage.

My strategy was to only block their strikes. Every time they get blocked they incur damage and you can actually block them to death. In the video that’s what I did to the guard with the long blade. That left 5 to deal with and I wasn’t doing too badly but De Sardet is not the most agile and the clunky rolling, which might be my fault cause I’m using a keyboard and I can’t get him to roll sometimes, got me killed. The 5 guards aggressively chase you so there is a lot of rolling to get away and when you stop they surround you. Usually only one guard will strike but there were times when I blocked 2 at the same time. It is possible to beat this challenge using the block only strategy, I have done it multiple times.

I guess my point is that the difference between easy and normal is slight, but the difference between normal and hard is huge and even with my level 40 character I had to use my bomb to beat it. Depending on when you do this challenge you probably won’t have the bomb available but if you can throw a phial you can spam them with elemental bombs, it took 7 to do the job. You can also do it just with traps although that took about 17 traps and you have to run around and plant traps as you try to avoid being hit. Then there is the magic route with stasis that you can use but since my character is a warrior I didn’t use any magic except healing up to this point.

I didn’t want to do this video because my character was at such a high level and I thought it would be too easy. As it turns out you pretty much have to use something other than standing toe to toe to have any hope of beating it.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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