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Greedfall find Queen Bladnid conclusion.

Siora talking to Eseld

Hello everybody

In this video I continue to the meeting point after collecting the skill from the skill alter.

The meeting point is on the right as you continue down the road. When you go to the meeting point and look around at the bottom of the tree an objective will appear and you’ll have to hide behind the rocks on the right, and as soon as you crouch down the captain and his conspirators will appear. When you confront the captain with the evidence that you found he’ll tell the others that they have to get rid of the nosey leget and with that the fight starts. I used poison traps that worked really well and by the time my companions had been knocked out I was left with just 2 enemies and neither of them had magic so that made it even easier. The fighting ends when the captain gives up and he agrees to have the Queens body transported to her village. You have a choice to travel directly to the village and that’s what you should do. I thought that there would be good loot to collect from the enemies but it turned out to be just a few coins.

Back in the village you talk to Eseld to complete quest. You get 1000 xp and your reputation with Siora goes to +3.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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