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Greedfall find Queen Bladnid part 1

The Queen

Hello everybody

In this video I search the ruins and then accompany Siora to look for her mother.

It all starts when you get a message on your compass after the battle of red spears to search the ruins. When you find the location marked on your compass a cut scene will play that’s related to another part of the game. When the cut scene is over and you talk to Siora she will ask you to go with her to look for her mother. Once you accept her request the outpost will be marked on your map and compass. Along the way you’ll come across some beasts and ruffins, you can either take them out or avoid them all together.

At the outpost you’ll have to talk to the captain of the outpost and when you do he’ll tell you that they have the Queen but that she died. Siora wants to see her mothers body and the captain tells you they still have it but he has orders to keep it.

After Siora looks at her mother she wants to take it back to her village so they can perform the burial ritual but the captain said he had orders to keep the body. As you are talking to Siora the Doctor will come over and tells you that he believes that the captain is a traitor and he tells you that there are some documents that we can use to pressure the captain. Siora wants to talk to the captain first so if your charisma is high enough, mine was zero, he might give you the body. Nothing I said to the captain made him change his mind so we went and looked in the barracks behind the captains office and found the documents the Doctor was talking about. You learn that there will be a meeting by a big tree down the road. As I was leaving the outpost I picked up the 2 mission from the board, stolen cargo and pest control.

On the way to the meeting place I found a letter on the ground by the tent that talked about the natives going into the forest so when you go and look you find at least 6 beasts. It’s worth taking them out because there is a skill alter in the forest just past the big tree.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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