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Greedfall Following Constantin

Constantin and a corrupt Nadaig

Hello everybody.

This quest is started when you talk to Constantin about the attacks sustained by the allies. Constantin will dismiss your concerns about someone leading the beasts and abruptly leaves. A cut scene will play as you question one of his body guards. He’ll tell you that Constantin is going out of the city but you’ll either have to threaten him or use charisma to get the whole story. The guard will give you the key to Constantin’s office so search the office, on his desk is his journal and from it you now know that he is planning to get rid of a small group of natives in Cwenvar.

Go back to your residence and travel to The Tall Trees Native Home Camp. When you arrive there’s a group of beasts attacking the natives, help them defeat the beasts and they’ll answer your questions and tell you to take the path to the right to the abandoned house from where you’ll be able to see the path without being seen. When you get there wait for Constantin, you’ll see him run by below. When you start to follow him you will be met by a group of beasts, they are not too difficult as long as you keep your distance and don’t get stuck in the middle of them.

Follow the path to the north and you’ll catch up to Constantin who is now performing a bonding ritual. As you get close a cut scene will play where you question Constantin, he wants to tell you his plan but he’s not ready so he leaves and you are left to fight the Nadaig. This one has a spear that you have to try to avoid which is easier said than done, I relied on magic healing to get through. When the Nadaig is defeated a cut scene will play where En On Mil Frichtimen will tell you to kill Constantin.

The quest ends after you make plans to forge alliances with the five groups on the island and to investigate Constantin’s hiding place.

You’ll earn 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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