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Greedfall How I level up my character between quests


Hello everybody

In this video I show how I level up my character.

I do my leveling up in Saint Matheus and travel between my residence and the secluded glade campsite. You have to do this at night, that’s when all of the bandits are out and about. I’ll either start from the campsite or my residence. In the city there are 3 separate groups of bandits in and around Barracks street. Outside the city there are 5 separate groups of bandits and 2 beasts. The other option is to use the outpost campsite and the secluded glade campsite or my residence and travel between them but if you do that you miss out on 10 or more bandits either way . It takes me around 10 minutes to do one way and you can level up by do a little more than a round trip. At first you might find it hard to do so you can skip the group to the left of the city as you are coming out, that group I found to be harder than the rest for some reason. As you are doing this you’ll also get all the loot that the bandits drop. I did try the arena but found it harder and it was hit or miss whether I survived or not.

That’s it thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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