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Greedfall In Pursuit Of The Tierna Harh Cadachtas

De Sardet and Mev

Hello everybody.

In this video I opened the root door and followed Mev into the cave.

To start with inspect the door and examine the stone stele. Here you can elaborate an hypothesis or ask your companions both will work. After considering the stone you will be automatically transported to the village to talk to Ongos. When I asked him how to open the root door 3 dialogue options appeared, you might have more or less options depending on what type of charchter build you have. For me the only option that didn’t work was inventing a story, I didn’t get into the hut and I lost reputation with Siora. Ongos will tell you how to enter the cave and also warns of the dangers ahead.

There are 4 areas in the hut to inspect as well as some loot. It’s the red flower that gives you the clue so after you collect whatever loot is there head back outside and start on your way back to the root door. Following your compass travel a short distance from the village and turn left and you’ll find the flowers a short distance off the main path where there are stone pillars set up in kind of a circle. Collect some seeds and head back to the root door. I didn’t go back to the main path and kind of lost my bearings when I was looking for the opening in the rocks but got there in the end. Look at your compass and map if needed.

At the root door put the seed on the stone and the door will open. The cave is full of beasts and I used my map a lot to try and keep track of where I was. The challenge with fighting most of the beasts is being in a small area,so trying to keep your distance from them isn’t always possible.

The second group of beasts, Dosantats, are guarding both routes so when I was taking them out I wanted to throw a bomb and I thought I had to craft one, I found out later that you require 100% fury to use the bomb spell. You can still throw a bomb but it’ll affect only the beast you throw it at, not the group. These Dosantats are the spitting kind so they can be difficult to take out.

After the Dosantats is a bridge straight ahead and a path going down to your right. There are 2 items down there The Great Scythe and Professor Serafeddins’s notes. So to find the Scythe I took the path on the right and broke through the wall on the left, but it’s probably easier to find if you go the following way: Take the path on the right follow it you’ll come to a ledge to go down with a group of Dosantats, after that a ledge to climb, keep going until you reach a part that opens up,there will be another group of Dosantats and you should see 3 lights hanging. Go into the opening and look to your right. This path leads to the Great Scythe.

For the Professors notes start on the other side of the bridge. Follow the path on your left you should reach a ledge to jump down, and then a bit of a clearing with some trees and a group of Tenlans keep to the right and this will bring you to a section in the wall that you can squeeze through, on the other side is the Professors notes.

The tunnels are all connected once you break the 2 walls. It can be confusing but with the map and just exploring you will be able to find every corner of the cave.

Once you get back to the top where the bridge is on your right, turn left and head out, you’ll meet 1 more group of Tenlans.

Follow the path on the outside until you get to a big stone marker and a red bush, turn left and keep following the path until you reach a campsite. The Mistress of Wisdom is to the left of the campsite and as you get to the top of the ledge a cut scene will start. When the cut scene ends the fight starts with the Nadaig Frasmen. The Nadaig will swipe, charge , try to jump on you and has a magic weapon. There’s lots of room so it’s not hard to avoid it’s attacks. You should always know where it is and when it jumps at you just roll out of the way, if you have lots of ammo you could just keep shooting until it’s dead.

After the fight the Alliance spy will shoot Mev and plans to kill De Sardet so you’ll have to defend yourself. Once you defeat him he’ll ask for mercy. I don’t think it makes any difference whether you kill him or not.

Now you have to bring Mev back to the village, when she wakes up a cut scene will play and the quest ends ,you’ll earn 2000 xp and the Trial of The Waters quest becomes available but you won’t be able to do it until you do The Suffering of Constantin quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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