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Greedfall In The Footsteps Of Saint Matheus

Saint Matheus cave

Hello everybody.

In this video I go deeper into the swamp and find the cave where Saint Matheus lived.

To travel deeper into the swamp you have to go back to where the 3rd body was found and there will be a ledge that you can climb. Follow the path to the other side, there’s some loot to the left, jump down and go to the right. There are 4 beast that you’ll have to either take out of try to sneak around. There is a chest at the end of the swamp with a little loot. Now go back to where the last 2 beasts were and climb the ledge and stay to the right to find the last camp site. As you leave the camp site go to the right, on top of this ledge there is a Nadaig Magamen that you have to defeat before you can go any further. You’ll have a chance to use whatever aids you have before you engage the boss. I used my gun every chance I got. There’s lots of room to run around and avoid it’s attacks. After the boss there’s another ledge to climb. On the other side there are some Dosantats , past them is another ledge and more Dosantats. After you take care of the second group look for the narrow passage on the left wall, you’ll need intuition 2 to go through, there will be 3 more Dosantats and in the chest the Ceremonial Armor of Saint Matheus. Go back through the narrow passage and go left and follow the path until you reach the cave. All that’s left is to go through the cave and collect the proofs in 6 locations.

The Ceremonial Armor will help you in the next quest and beyond.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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