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Hello everybody

In this video I find a note in front of my residence in St. Matheus requesting a meeting with a group of natives.

The meeting place is marked on your map and is just outside the town up to the right. The natives ask for help in locating the secret camp that the inquisitors are bring their people to. When the inquisitors were raiding their village the natives captured one of them and after questioning him learned of the secret camp and they also found a key on him which they give to you. Now you have to travel back to the town and search the house of the inquisitor Claudius. In the house you find documents referring to a secret camp and the existence of a chest in the quarter of the Order. The key is upstairs in the house. The next place to search is the quarters of the Order. When you exit the house you’ll be stopped by a group of inquisitors and questioned why you were in Claudius’s home. Petrus will answer and say that you were only accompanying him as he was looking into the where a bouts of Claudius. This satisfies the inquisitors but not without suspicion.

The quarter of the Order is marked on your map and it’s located in the right corner of the main square in front of the palace. The chest is on the main floor in a room to the right as you enter. Inside is a document detailing where the camp is and when the next transfer of natives will be. With the document in hand head back to the meeting place and talk to the natives.

When you reach the natives and tell them that you found the documents, you’ll find that the inquisitors are there and you’ll have to fight them. With all the natives in the mix it’s a little difficult to see who you are supposed to be fighting but as long as you keep an eye on your health it’s shouldn’t be to difficult.

With the inquisitors taken care of the natives will get rid of the bodies. you’ll earn 1600 xp and your reputation with the natives will go to +2.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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