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Greedfall Kurt companion quest conclusion

Entrance to the Ghost camp

Hello everybody.

In this video I go to the ghost camp with Kurt and finish the quest.

After speaking with Kurt you find out that the Ghost camp is located at the singing waters, campfire of the white gorges. From the campsite go through the narrow passage in the rocks to your right and then left, follow the trail until you see some beasts and go right. You can ignore the beasts if you like. The camp is at the end of the trail. Once you get into the camp you’ll have to talk to multiple people to get a picture of what really happened to Reiner. At one point Kurt will ask for a tour of the camp which gives you a chance to talk to Wilhem who didn’t want to say too much with the lieutenant around. He tells you that Reiner was beaten to death in what’s called ” night training” When Kurt returns from his tour you have to pretend to leave and go back at night to investigate the area’s of the camp that Kurts tour didn’t go into to.

There’s nobody on the inside of the camp so you don’t have to be that discrete. The camp is pretty much a copy of the conversion camp from a couple of quests ago. As you go through the rooms you find an order for night training for Wilhem , the keys for the torture chamber,and documents incriminating the commander. In the torture chamber is another document detailing their methods and revealing the Reiner was a problem for them.

As you exit barracks sneak to the left and go through the double doors and up the hill. Unlock the single door and continue to the right and through another set of double doors. A cut scene will play as you reach the end of the trail, you’ll be at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ” night training” in progress. There is a ledge to the right that you can jump down to get to Wilhem. As you approach the group a cut scene will play after which you’ll have a choice, charisma, intuition or attack. I’m not sure what would happen if you chose to attack but I think you would end up fight all the recruits and the Lieutenant . Since I had the letter from the barracks and my intuition was a green 1 ,I chose that and only had to fight the Lieutenant.

Now go back to the camp the way you came and as you go through the double doors into the training yard there will be a number of recruits on guard. I was able to sneak past the first recruit by going to the right and hugging the wall and following it until I got the middle section which is a storage of sorts and from there I continued to the right. You’ll have to time it right as the guards are walking around. There is a short section of wall in the middle of the yard that you can hide behind as you cross the yard. Go straight across the yard and through the narrow space between the 2 walls and around to the right keeping an eye on the guards and up onto the ledge. Once you’ve made it up onto the ledge go to the end and you’ll be overlooking another group of recruits. As you jump down and approach captain Rolf will order the recruits to attack and then a cut scene will play. This time there is 5 choices you can make, I chose to mention saving Wilhem and the recruits put down their weapons. When the cut scene ends you’ll have to fight Rolf and the other instructor.

After you talk with the recruits go and tell Major Sieglinde what you’ve learned. You’ll earn 1300 xp

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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