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Greedfall Kurt companion quest part 1


Hello everybody

In this video I start looking into what happened to Kurt’s recruit.

The Coin Guard Barracks is where it all begins, you’ll have to question several people and the first group is just inside the doors as you enter. Next is the Quartermaster, he’ll direct you to the Doctor downstairs. The Doctor will give you the ” official ” story that Reiner drowned because he was drunk. He won’t allow you to look at the body so you have a choice to either threaten him or insist and since my charisma was 100% that’s what I did. Inside the morgue you’ll see that Reiner didn’t drown and you’ll also find the Doctors notes. Back at the Doctors desk confront him with his notes and he’ll admit that he falsified the report but that he was forced to do so. Now it’s time to go back and talk to the Quartermaster and tell him what you learned from the Doctor. In order to fulfill all the objectives you have to question the people in the barracks first before going to the tavern. I started upstairs,that’s where the eight and the sixth regiments are. The eleventh regiment officer is downstairs. You’re done at the barracks for now so go to the tavern next. There are 3 people in the tavern that you could talk to but you only have to talk to the young soldier just inside the door. As you’re questioning him you’ll offer him something to drink so he reluctantly takes it and that makes him tell all that he knows and suggests we should go talk to his Lieutenant back at the barracks. That takes care of investigating the tavern.

Back at the barracks you have to talk to the same guy you talked to downstairs but when you question him he doesn’t what to talk until sundown when there are fewer folk. So I when back to my residence and took a little nap. When you return to the barracks at night expect bandits to be about. The eleventh regiment officer tells of a secret elite training camp and phantom regiment but says he doesn’t know anything else and directs us back upstairs to talk to the sixth regiment officer. When you’re questioning him he wont admit to knowing anything so you’ll have 3 options and since the bribe works every time that’s what I did. He tells you details of the training but doesn’t know the location of the camp . That’s the end of the missing in action quest and you’ll earn 1000 xp. Now you’ll have to wait for about 6 hours to do the second part of the quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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