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Greedfall Logging Expedition

Natives trying to enter logging area

Hello everybody.

In this video I do the Logging Expedition side quest. When I first tried to do this quest the beasts where red skull enemies and when I got to the next quest The Blood Price there were 2 in the group of guards that were red skull. So I did some leveling up in Saint Matheus and left this quest till later in the game. As I did this video I was level 34 and at that level it wasn’t much of a problem.

The quest is started by going to the village of Vigyigidaw in the red woods. In the lower village there is a village ancient that is calling to you when you pass by. When you speak to him he tells you that their clan members are being prevented from accessing one of their sacred glades, so after he tells you the history of the congregation cutting wood on their land you agree to go and investigate. The logging area is in The Tall Trees and there is a travel point just outside and to the left of the village. As you leave the village there will be a trail going up on your left that leads to a skill alter.

When you arrive in the Tall Trees the logging area will be to your right through a path in the forest. As you arrive in the camp there is an argument going on between the natives and the logging guards. After your conversation with the guards you learn the some wood cutters dies and that you should talk to the Doctor. The Doctor is at a loss as to what they died of and after you examine the bodies you know that the wood cutters were poisoned. During your questioning of the Doctor you learn that native hunters provide meat for the logging camp. They are located back where you first entered the path that goes through the forest. There is a camp site just to the right as you leave the lumber camp so to make traveling easier set it up. When you arrive where the hunters are supposed to be there will be 2 beasts instead. After you kill the beasts the hunters will appear and accuse you of stealing there game so I picked the ” justify yourself ” option. They accepted this and asked why we were there if you are not hunting, so you tell them that you are looking for them because 3 wood cutters were poisoned to death after eating the game that the hunters provided. At first they deny having anything to do with it but after using my charisma ,which was at 100%, they confessed and said that one of the elders told them that they would be traitors in their clan if they let the wood cutters cut down all the trees and it was this elder that gave them the tainted meat to give to the wood cutters. Now you have to travel to New Serene. I went to the camp site that’s straight ahead and on the left of the travel point that you arrived at to travel to New Serene from.

In New Serene you’ll have to first talk to Sir de Courcillion, he’ll tell you that there must be an agreement in the archives which is in the basement. Now go see Lady Morange and have her verify the contract. She’ll look at it and then want to go see Sir de Courcillion to make a new agreement, this time you wont have to run you’ll just appear in his office, a new agreement is made with one condition that the murderer is surrendered to the congregation. All that’s left is to go to Dunncas’s village and tell him of the new agreement. Dunncas didn’t know that wood cutters has died and after hearing what the elder did he agrees to surrender the elder to the congregation but only on condition that you investigate an abandoned mine near the wood cutting area. That’s the next video. You’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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