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Greedfall Mystery of The Ancient Ruins part 1

The Ancient Ruins

Hello everybody

This quest is started by talking to Constantin after you finish the Battle of the Red Spears quest and Search the Ruins. Constantin will tell you to go talk to Lady Morange and in the end she’ll tell you to investigate the old mine. The old mine is located in The Shore Of The Tall Boned so travel to Glendgnamvar west road and you should appear on the road with 3 beasts in front of you and the Ancient Ruins on the mountain top. The beasts are very easy to deal with. Beyond the 3 beast there is a path that goes up to the mining camp. Just before the camp on the right there is a campsite. In order to get through the mine you either have to repair or buy a cog for a door in the mine or if you have science level 1 and alchemical preparation of elemental damage you can blast open an alternate path. You can buy a new cog from the merchant as you enter the camp, the item is listed under quest items and goes for 33 coin.

Enter the mine, when it opens up there will be a worker on your right that you can talk to, to your left is a wooden catwalk that you can climb that leads to some loot and ore, there’s also Dosantats hanging from the sealing. It’s a dead end so you ‘ll have to return to where you started.

Straight ahead is another dead end with more Dosantats , so the way you want to go is up the ladder on the right wall. Along the path will be a room on your right and at the end the door that has to be repaired, if you fix the door and go that way you’ll have to fight 6 or so beasts. The alternate route is in the room that was on the right that has a wall that can be blown up. I took the alternate path, this takes you around and onto to the catwalk, there is quite a bit of loot and ore along the way so I think it’s better to go this way. If you can’t blow up the wall you can still get up to the catwalk by going up the ladder that I came down on, you ‘ll have to back track to get the loot.

Continue on and go through the short tunnel, on the other side there are 3 more beasts, beyond them is a ledge to climb and that takes you to the path that leads up to the ruins. There’s a campsite on the left as you enter the ruins.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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