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Greedfall Mystery of the Ancient Ruins part 2

Fighting a Nadaig Glendemen

Hello everybody.

In this video I search the ruins and return to Constantin.

There are 3 groups of Dosantats and 1 Nadaig to deal with. The first group consisting of 5 or 6 is just to the west of the campsite. I used my sword to deal with these I find it better because of it’s faster striking speed.

To the south is the Nadaig. This one shoots magic, burrows underground, charges you and flays it’s tentacles. I used my gun and my mace. The magic it shoots at you do quite a bit of damage so you have to try and avoid them. This boss was guarding a chest containing the Yataghan sword. In the area where you fight the Nadaig you’ll see a set of stairs through a gap in a section of wall, that’s where the chest that contains the journal is. Now climb the set of stairs and take out the group of Dosnatats. The chest containing the crest is around to the left from where you jump down from the stairs. If you don’t have lock picking the key is in the north side of the ruins. It’s guarded by a group of Dosantats. With the journal and the crest you can return to Constantin.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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