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Greedfall Nadaig Frasamen

Battle in progress

Hello everybody

In this video I defeat the Nadaig and find the Merchant armor.

This Nadaig can be found in The Singing Waters near the camp by the water. As you approach the Nadaig there will be some bandits to the right. Walk forward slowly until the bandits engage the Nadaig, sneak a little closer and watch the bandits. You have to enter the battle while at least one bandit is still fighting, if they all die the Nadaig will reset to full health and armor. The way it worked out was pretty good, by the time the last bandit was defeated I had reduced the Nadaig armor to just 1 and a half and once the armor is gone it’s health came down fairly fast.

You have to keep moving and try not to get caught in it’s magic attack. It will also charge at you and try to jump on you, you can see when it’s about to jump so you should be able to get out of the way in time. There was a moment when I took a major health only to be punched to the ground and losing almost all of my health. It’s good to have Siora in your team because she’ll heal you from time to time. To have a better chance I would just use the gun and don’t get too close and shoot it every chance you get.

After the battle you’ll find a rich merchant’s key on his body that’s close to the rock wall. The chest is pretty much straight across from where you fought the Nadaig down by the river.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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