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Greedfall New Serene The man with the silver coin

The fight with the man with the silver coin

Hello everybody

In this video I interview the merchants and confront the man.

I start the video in front of the coin guard barracks which is where you get the quest by talking to the quarter master. He tells you that some of the merchants are being extorted.

There are 3 merchants that have to be interviewed, the wine merchant, the black smith and the merchant that’s the first one on the left as you enter the town. They are all easy to find if you follow your compass.

The first 2 merchants don’t want to get involved but the last merchant who took over the shop from the former owner who was murdered.

When you are trying to convince him to help you trap the corrupt guards the charisma might work so try that first. In this case it didn’t work and I had to bribe him with 100 coin and with that he agrees to help you. The guards will return in 2 days so I went to my residence and slept until it was time to go back. When you go back the merchant tells you that the guards could come back at any minute so you are supposed to hide somewhere. Go into the alley and there will be a marker on the left but instead of hiding a cut scene starts when it ends the fight starts. I try to stay close to my companions and my first strike is a fury strike which finishes the first guard with a couple of more strikes. There’s usually at least 1 guard with a gun so if you get shot use a health right away and then focus on the guard with the gun. After the fight a search of the bodies reveals a letter from Egon.

Now you have to find the man with the silver coin who’s location is now marked on your compass which will take you to the silver district. Continue down the stairs and you’ll find him talking to the other guards. A cut scene starts, when it ends you have to follow the man but don’t get too close. I was level 9 when I did this and the man with the silver coin was still marked with a red skull which means that my character was below his level and that beating him would be very difficult.

You eventually follow him around the corner and another cut scene starts, when it ends the fight starts. Again my first strike was a fury strike but against this enemy it only reduced his armor by 1 so I tried to stay close to my companions but they both went down and I was getting overwhelmed. I decided to retreat and while I was doing that I got shot. I was able to get up so I used the covered walkway to get away from them and set traps, this helped take down the guards and gave me time to take a health. When I exited the walkway there was only 1 guard which I took out with a fury strike and the man with the silver coin. At this point my companions revived and joined the fight. The man with the silver coin was back at full health and armor again and I was at about 3/4. During the fight I got hit once and it took my health from 3/4 to about 1/4 so I had to take a health to avoid dying. When the fight stops you try to get the man to talk but he would rather die, this time the fury strike is all that was needed. All that’s left now is to go see Manfred the quarter master. You get 1300 xp, 50 coins and a reward in your storage chest which in my case appears to be the Hammer Of The Forgotten God, a blunt melee weapon.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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